What clubs for my classic golfing adventure?

So you are ready to finally take the leap into the world of classic golf but don’t know where to start. Should you just go to the thrift shop, spend $10 on a set and go out and start swinging? Well, that is one way to do it, but trying to play with broken down old clubs will lead to nothing but frustration. That’s not to say clubs from a thrift shop can‘t be made to play well, but let’s look discuss what makes a PLAYABLE classic set.

Let‘s start with the woods. Hopefully they’re the reason you found Powered by Persimmon. The beauty of a perfect piece of persimmon crafted into an instrument to drive a golf ball forward cannot be understated. And the looks are just the beginning. The feeling of a perfect strike with a wooden golf club is like no other in the game of golf. So what should you look for in a set of woods?

Woods sold in the mid 20th century were usually sold in sets of 3, sometimes 4 clubs, and covered the lofts between 10-20 degrees. Driver or 1-wood typically measured 11* of loft and 43” in length. The 3-wood around 14-16* of loft, and the 4-wood around 17-19*. Sets from the 1950’s typically had a 2-wood available, while the 1960’s forward many times dropped the 2-wood for a 5-wood.

When looking for classic woods the most important than to remember is buy the correct flex shaft. The amount of work to res a classic persimmon club cannot be understated and you will save yourself plenty of heartache by buying the correct shafted clubs. Heads can easily be refinished but old pitted shafts or the wrong flex will be trouble.

As for grips, I try to find clubs with original leather grips. You’ll be amazed at how well leather grips can be brought back to life with some neatsfoot oil, while original rubber grips will be petrified and will need replaced, not an easy or fun job as the rubber grips were vulcanized onto the shaft.

Part of the fun of classic golf is finding these classics and bringing them back to life. We’ll discuss in further postings how to get your classics playing their best.

Until next time, Keep hitting em on the screws!

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