Classic Era Golf Clubs & Supplies
Hit it on the Screws

If you've never hit a golf club made of real wood,  you haven't really experienced the game.    Carbon fiber, adjustable weights, 460cc heads that are the same size as that plastic golf club set you had when you were three?   Dont get too attached, it'll be outdated in 6 months.

If you are ready to experience a round of golf differently, its time to simplify your game.



Powered by Persimmon was started to give golfers of all abilities quality, affordable clubs for playing the classic persimmon era game.  It's not the game you've been playing.  It's a game played between the trees, not above them.  A game played with beautifully crafted woods and forged steel irons.  A set of clubs that will be with you season after season.


For those brand new to persimmon golf, check out our New Old Stock Orlimar wood sets.  These clubs were produced in the early 1980's and have never been hit.  They sit a bit closed at address and are easy to hit long and high, perfect for the novice persimmon player.  Start by adding a single persimmon 4-wood to your bag​ to replace that hybrid you've been struggling with, or add a complete set of woods.










Those looking for more of a throwback experience, our vintage woods have been restored back to perfect playing condition.  The pinnacle of craftsmanship, 1950's era woods are the gold standard of classic persimmon woods.  Beauty and performance. 

















And if you are really looking for an incredibly pure golfing experience, check out our forged iron sets.  Some modern, some classics, and a few even restored to new.  A truly unforgettable golfing experience.









We also offer restoration services for your classic clubs.  We can make that treasured classic look like new. 







So turn off your phone and it's shot tracking app.  Leave your laser range finder at home.  It's time for a new golfing journey,

Powered by Persimmon.